Cattedra di Filosofia del linguaggio – Philosophy of Language

Università di Siena – Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze Sociali (now DISPOC)

CISCL - Centro Interdipartimentale di Studi Cognitivi sul Linguaggio

VI Summer School in Mind & Language (Part 1)

Siena, 13-15 June 2013

Collegio Santa Chiara, via Valdimontone, 1 – Aula Cantucci – Time: 10-13; 15-18*

The ‘Tree’ of the Tractatus :

Form and Development

FEEDBACK                                     Teacher: dott. Luciano Bazzocchi   

Among the discussants: Anna Boncompagni, Walter Cavini, João Vergílio Cuter, Giuseppe Varnier

Lessons will be in seminar form, and research works and exercises will be proposed

The decimal codes of Wittgenstein’s propositions (or ‘perspicuous representation’)

·         a conceptual map of the Tractatus

·         reading units and tree-wise arrangement by hierarchical levels

·         modalities of approach to the text

Analysis of the reading units

·         clarity, consequentiality, aesthetical and formal expressivity

·         new hermeneutical indications about the text

·         dissolving some problems of interpretation (including the editorial mistake in the eye-and-visual-field sketch of TLP 5.6331)

The composition of the Manuscript of the Tractatus, esp. MS104 (the so-called ‘Prototractatus’)

·         top-down development of the writing units of the MS

·         Wittgenstein’s log file, and the representation ‘on loose sheets’

·         final restructuring and putting together; Wittgenstein’s ‘Ergänzungen’

Chronology of textual composition

·         von Wright’s misunderstandings, McGuinness’ intuitions

·         solving the last riddles

·         documental occurrences and evidence

Essential Literature: - G.H. von Wright, „Die Entstehung des Tractatus logico-philosophicus“, in Briefe an Ludwig von Ficker, G.H. von Wright and W. Methlagl (eds.), Salzburg 1969. Reprinted as Historical Introduction to L. Wittgenstein, Prototractatus, B.F. McGuinness, T. Nyberg, and G.H. von Wright (eds.), Ithaca, NY, Cornell University Press 1971; 19962.

B.F. McGuinness, “Wittgenstein’s 1916 Abhandlung”, in Wittgenstein and the Future of philosophy, Haller and H., Puhl, K. (eds.), Wien 2002, pp.272-282.

L. Bazzocchi, L’albero del Tractatus, Milano, Mimesis 2010.

Michael Potter, “Wittgenstein’s pre-Tractatus manuscripts: a new appraisal”, in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus. History & Interpretation, P. Sullivan & M. Potter (eds.), Oxford 2013, pp. 13-39

L. Wittgenstein, Tractatus logico-philosophicus ‘as tree’ (URL:

* End of the course: Saturday, June 15th at 13:00

Contact: Prof. Gabriele Usberti (