VI Summer School in Mind & Language

The ‘Tree’ of the Tractatus: Form and Development

Siena, June 13-15, 2013   Teacher:   Luciano Bazzocchi


Anonymous feedback :


In a range from 1 (min) to 6 (max),                                          average      : 4.89

how much has the course been interesting for you?                  middle vote:   5  .


In a range from 1 to 6, how much do you think                        average      : 5.44

the course is stimulating for a Wittgenstein’s scholar?               middle vote:   6  .


In a range from 1 to 6, how much do you think                                                 .

the course is profitable for a student                                        average      : 4.56

on philosophy of language?                                                     middle vote:   5  .


In a range from 1 to 6, how much would you                                                    .

recommend a similar course for next year,                               average      : 5.33

at Siena or elsewhere?                                                            middle vote:   6  .


“Very interesting, very stimulating.

Great philological work”



Signed feedback :


What do you think about the scientific level of the course?

         wholly satisfying           78%

         satisfying                      22%

         medium                            .

         low level                          .


What about intelligibility and clearness of the course?

         wholly satisfying           56%

         satisfying                      44%

         medium                             .

         low level                            .


What about the discussions and the reception of questions and remarks?

         wholly satisfying           45%

         satisfying                      22%

         medium                        33%

         low availability                   .


What about the topics and the range of the issues, in relation with your expectations?

         wholly satisfying           22%

         satisfying                      67%

         medium                        11%

         low range                         .


“The seminar was very stimulating.

I think there are other possible interpretations,

including other aspects of Wittgenstein’s philosophy,

like his interests on art, aesthetics, ethics, etc.”

Rubèn Aguilar  (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität – München)


“Highly recommended for a correct exegetical interpretation

of the structure of the Tractatus and for consequent debates

regarding the content of many remarks”

Anna Boncompagni  (Roma Tre)


“Non ci sono stati dibattiti accesi.

Forse mancava qualcuno avverso alle tesi esposte”

Sergio Keller (Università di Bologna)


“Congratulations, great job!”

Federico Somaschini (Università di Pisa)