VII Summer School in Mind & Language

The tree and the Net. Reading the Tractatus two-dimensionally

Siena, June 3-5, 2014   Teachers:   Peter Hacker & Luciano Bazzocchi


Anonymous feed back :


In a range from 1 (min) to 6 (max),                                          average  :         5 

how satisfied are you with this course?                                     middle vote:     5 


In a range from 1 to 6, how stimulating do you think                average      : 5.33

the course is for a Wittgenstein’s scholar?                                middle vote:   5  .


In a range from 1 to 6, how profitable do you think                                           .

the course is for a student                                                        average      : 4.63

of the philosophy of language?                                                 middle vote:   5  .


In a range from 1 to 6, how strongly would you                                                    .

recommend a similar course for next year,                               average      : 5.33

at Siena or elsewhere?                                                            middle vote:   6  .




Signed feed back :


What do you think about the scientific level of the course?

         wholly satisfying           63%

         satisfying                      37%

         medium                            .

         low level                          .


What about intelligibility and clearness of the course?

         wholly satisfying           33%

         satisfying                      67%

         medium                             .

         low level                            .


What about the discussions and the reception of questions and remarks?

         wholly satisfying           45%

         satisfying                      33%

         medium                        22%

         low availability                   .


What about the topics and the range of the issues, in relation with your expectations?

         wholly satisfying           44%

         satisfying                      44%

         medium                        11%

         low range                         .



Some remarks


Łukasz Borowiecki (Jagiellonian University):

“It presented many aspects of reading TLP which are very stimulating and fresh.

It inspires your own exploration of Wittgenstein’s book”.


Giulia Luisotto (Università di Bologna) :

“Discussions were extremely stimulating and had highlighted many points that deserve more attention.

This course has actually not clarified the TLP, while further questions have risen.

And this is without doubt more interesting.

I thank the organisation, Peter Hacker and Luciano Bazzocchi”.


Justyna Morawska (Ecole Nationale d’Architecture – Paris)

“Thank you for this Summer School! I hope to come back next time.

It was very useful for my research work on Wittgenstein and architecture.

Sometimes I was a little bit confused, but I think it was because of the fact that

I have not done philosophical studies at the university (I am architect)”


Niccolò Negro (Università di Siena):

“Clear and interesting for an ungraduate student like me too”.


Oskari Kuusela (University of East Anglia):

“[…] We found it hard to stop sessions as scheduled, and continued discussions into the night at restaurant tables.

The outcome is clear. I, for one, will not – cannot – read the book in the old way again.

An apparently irreversible aspect-switch seems to have taken place.

I cannot speak for others who were present, but I think they feel the same”.